Tarc Inc.

TARC Gives Back This Holiday Season

TARC Construction, Inc.

This past week TARC was invited to take part in a wonderful way to give back this holiday season. One of TARC’s VIP customers gives back to the community by donating bikes to children in the foster care system. When TARC learned about this, we wanted to find a way to be involved. TARC was able to match every bike donation with a custom TARC helmet. Not only were we able to donate the helmets, but the owners of TARC wanted to get hands-on with the project and went to help build the bikes themselves and were able to see the bikes and helmets being given out to the children in need. Not only was this a wonderful experience for everyone involved here at TARC, but it showed the owners how wonderful it is to give back in new ways. They are anxious to do even more projects like this in the coming year.