Tarc Inc.

CACM Northern California Law Seminar & Expo

TARC Construction, Inc.

TARC had a wonderful time at this year’s CACM Expo! This Expo never disappoints and this year was not an exception.

Tarc Inc.The theme this year was “Land of Discovery” and what better discovery was there than…. DINOSAURS!? So, for the two days at the Expo, TARC was no longer just TARC… we were JURASSIC TARC!! Our booth turned into a dinosaur jungle, with our very own T-REX, Grinder – pun intended, ridden by the ever so brave Selina (TARC’s Marketing Queen).

We not only had a great time, but we made memorable and valuable connections with potential clients. This Expo is such a unique and fun way to interact with clients and make great professional connections. One of the Managers attending the Expo won our YETI “Basket” full of TARC goodies, YETI merch, and MORE!

After the Expo was complete on the first day, TARC was the DRINK SPONSOR at the Expo “after-party;” where we had three of our estimators (Dan, Carlos, & Mike) join our team to make even more connections!

TARC was not only impressed with the event, but we also had a great time. We are already looking forward to next year and can’t want to take part in another fun theme!