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CAI BayCen Chapters Ladies Tea Fif-Teas

TARC Construction, Inc.

While attending this year’s CAI Ladies Tea, TARC stepped right into the “Fifties” (Fif-teas) for an experience full of fun & networking.

Every Year CAI manages to host a great event; each year they chose a fabulous theme and TARC loves to go all out! This year’s theme was the “Fifties;” so our marketing team, and clients that joined, dressed in fifties fashion, from head to toe!

Last year’s theme (Steampunk) was just as fun, and our marketing team member, Chelsea, won the competition for best costume… so there was a lot of pressure to win again this year. This year Chelsea decided to do something unique, and instead of the classic Fifties skirt and bows… she dressed as SANDY from GREASE!!! And… ***DRUM ROLL***… she won the best costume AGAIN!

Along with the competition, a wonderful speaker, and yummy food; TARC was able to network and make some great connections.

The CAI Tea was fabulous once again! If you attend next year, make sure to stop by the TARC table!