Asphalt Alligators

TARC Construction, Inc.

When you start to see cracks in the asphalt resembling the rough skin of an alligator, it’s time to call TARC Construction, Inc. It’s our job to help you preserve the integrity of your private parking lots and roadways by preventing the spread of “asphalt alligators.”

We’ll assess the problem, safely remove any troubled areas and come up with a game plan to keep your asphalt smooth. This may include regrading and compacting the impacted areas and laying down a new hot asphalt mix.

The end of winter is the perfect time to address asphalt deterioration. Not only will swift action ensure these problem areas do not spread—but acting now will also allow your investment time to cure in time for a spring or summer sealcoat.

To schedule your free comprehensive site assessment, call TARC today at 888.380.TARC (8272)