Tarc Trailblazers

CACM 2020 5K Digital Dash

TARC Construction, Inc.

Team TARC member Dan Fernandez participated in the 2020 CACM 5K Digital Dash. Dan blazed a trail through the hills near his home in Santa Margarita, CA. Thanks CACM for the opportunity to be a part of this event and coming up with such a great idea during these challenging times. 
A Message from Dan Fernandez:
“I had a great time doing the CACM 2020 5K Digital Dash, I ran for women and children stuck at home during this pandemic suffering abuse, those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and the families affected by it and all those affected by this awful virus we are dealing with. Remember to take care of yourself, it is okay to not be okay, if your struggling reach out for help, please don’t suffer in silence, we are all in this together! Make it a safe day! Special thanks to my wife (Mari Tere) and daughter (Isabella) for helping me make the video and my biggest fans cheering me on from a distance, my mom (Norine) and dad (Delvis).”
Dan Fernandez
Director of Business Development