Concrete VS Asphalt

Concrete vs. Asphalt

Here are some comparisons between concrete and asphalt. The initial expense to install concrete is much higher than asphalt — two to three times more. After the asphalt is installed, you can drive on it almost immediately. Concrete, on the other hand, needs up to 7 days before it can be safely driven on. Asphalt does require more maintenance, but it’s easier to do, whereas concrete requires less maintenance, but repairs are more difficult.

Cracking and holes in asphalt can be filled and sealed; concrete cracks and holes are more difficult to repair, and patches more obvious to see. Properly maintained asphalt expands and contracts with temperature changes, while concrete may crack under extreme temperature changes. Gas and oil stains on asphalt are not as noticeable, but they will cause more damage. Gas and oil spills on concrete are more obvious, but will not cause much damage. Concrete will last longer-up to 30 years or more — whereas asphalt lasts around 20 years or more, with regular maintenance every 3 to 5 years.