Winter Asphalt Issues

Stop the Sink: Repair Your Asphalt this Winter

Why is Winter a great time to repair Asphalt? 
Asphalt failures will continue to worsen during the winter months, primarily via water intrusion. Water enters through cracks and settles in areas that will not make it to drain inlets. This will cause softening of the subgrade, causing base failure, which creates voids under the pavement, leading to more failures and potholes. It is a slow, vicious cycle of deterioration — but it can be stopped.

When is the best time to repair Asphalt?
You can repair your asphalt any time of the year, but you should especially do so before conditions worsen. Winter may be cold in California, but without rain, it is a great time to perform any needed repairs to pavement surfaces to prevent requiring more costly asphalt replacement. Getting your repairs in now will give you a head start for any other necessary maintenance steps that may be needed, like sealcoating and striping. Get your lot 2021-Ready now!

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