Tarc 101

TARC 101: Importance of Pavement Maintenance Education

When to fix? When to fill?  When to repair? When to seal? Most importantly: when to take action?

Knowing how to care for your parking lot in a cost-effective manner is a valuable skill. Pavement surfaces are an asset for a property, and a critical responsibility for property managers and owners alike. Education is key to understanding asphalt repairs: knowing what should be done, and when.

Here at TARC Construction, Inc., we offer an educational presentation  (now fully virtual) that helps owners and managers understand the characteristics of asphalt, the common types of distress and the warning signs of critical degradation. Understanding the nature of asphalt and how it breaks down will help you make the right decisions when it comes to preserving your investment, and extending the life of pavement. You will also learn the important components of planning a pavement project and what to expect during the process—everything from estimate to completion.

Work with a vendor you trust to protect your investment. Get educated to get the most out of your paved surfaces.
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Tarc 101
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