Tarc Construction Events

June Event Spotlight: In-Person Events Are Back!

In June, TARC Construction, Inc. sponsored two themed, in-person golf tournaments. To say that TARC is excited to be back mingling with fellow industry partners is an understatement.

BOMA’s Sherrie Dunn tournament in San Jose was the first in-person event in over a year for BOMA Silicon Valley and featured 18-holes of Disneyland-themed tents. TARC’s spin of It’s a Small World was a huge hit among golfers who visited “It’s a Small Asphalt World After All” . Festivities at this sold out event were non-stop and the TARC Team had a wonderful time connecting with all the golfers and singing along to our own theme song made specifically for this event- click here to sing-along – click here for lyrics

CAI’s “Hole-Y-Wood” Golf Tournament in Danville, provided sponsors with another opportunity to connect and get creative. TARC took inspiration from Indiana Jones with “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost TARC”. Golfers had the pleasure of meeting “Dr. Dan-Indi Jones,” Mr. Dan Fernandez, Business Development, and his fellow Raiders: Isabella from Marketing, Cesar from Estimating and Sean from Operations. The tournament was a lot of fun and allowed TARC to connect with some new people, as well as with folks we had not seen in-person for over a year.

TARC is proud to support BOMA and CAI events and looks forward to being a part of both of these golf tournaments again next year!