Autum Reflections

Seasonal Reflections by TARC

Some say change is the only constant in life. And as the seasons change, and we make our way into Fall and Winter months, we asked our crew to share with us ‘What are you looking forward to in these coming months?’. We quickly realized that, even though change surrounds us, the things that we hold fondly in our hearts, and the things that we rely on to always be there, these are the things that we really look forward to in the Fall and Winter months.

Fernando Chavez

“In my family, we look forward to Football Season, and for us Thanksgiving is the best of all the holidays.”
– Fernando Chavez / Controller

Albert R. Cavazos President, Owner

“As a ‘sports fan’, I always look forward to baseball playoffs, college football & basketball. We also enjoy spending time with family at our Arizona home.”
– Albert Cavazos / President 

Marshall Tarc Construction

“This Fall and Winter, I am looking forward to a break from the heat. I also really enjoy the sounds of a crackling fire in my fireplace, watching Sunday football, and getting active with snowboarding.”
– Marshall Pilkington / Estimator

Gabe Mazotti, Estimator

“I always look forward to the cooler weather. But most importantly, for me, the Fall and Winter seasons are all about spending time with friends and family during the holidays.”
– Gabe Mazotti / Estimator

Christian Ghigliazza

“This year we’re looking forward to actually being able to celebrate the holidays with family from out of town! Hopefully.…”
Christian Ghigliazza / Accounting Clerk

Michael Maida, Estimator

“I am looking forward to snowboarding this Winter. Now that my daughter is old enough, we get to shred the slopes together, and we love carving down the mountains quickly. This year I also plan to take my daughter to see Hamilton in San Francisco, and we are both pumped to see it. For Fall, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. This year we’re planning to go to Great America for Fright Night, and some trick-or-treating. Then, as typical, we will ‘go-big’ in our own neighborhood with all of the kids. Lastly, on a personal level, I believe October is the best month to visit the beach, so I enjoy scheduling some ‘me-time’ in Aptos to refocus, and enjoy the peace and beauty.”
– Michael Maida / Estimator