Importance of Pavement markings

The Importance of Maintaining Pavement Markings

It is of utmost important to keep all pavement markings clear, concise, and up to date. Drivers and pedestrians depend on this when entering a parking lot or neighborhood. These days, drivers and pedestrians are more distracted than ever, which makes clear pavement markings all the more important.

Well maintained pavement markings also help maximize your parking lot capacity. When parking line dividers are not clearly marked it confuses drivers, and they may end up taking more than one space. Likewise, poorly marked visual messaging can cause disruption to the flow of traffic and potentially cause collisions and endanger pedestrians.

Along with sealing asphalt every two to three years for maintenance, striping should be inspected annually to make sure speed bumps, directional arrows, lane dividers, stop signs, yield signs, parking line space dividers, pedestrian crosswalks, designated ADA spaces, ADA paths of travel and all other pavement markings are well maintained and clearly marked.

Safety First!