Tarc Construction

Asphalt Project Spotlight

TARC Construction, Inc. recently began the 2nd phase of a large parking lot rehabilitation project in Milpitas, CA. This is an ongoing project that includes many phases, with all work completed on weekends to minimize the impact to those using the lots.

The first phase has already been completed—in one Saturday, 1,200 tons of asphalt were removed and replaced. From start to finish, TARC crews were done at 4:30 PM, and had cleaned up and gone home in time for dinner with their families, while the striping crews completed all the pavement markings after-hours. The lot was re-opened for the client on schedule Monday morning.

It truly takes a team effort to complete this size of a project in such a short period of time. Everyone involved—from Estimating, Operations, Business Administration, and the field crews—all worked together to make it happen. A project’s success and client’s satisfaction are dependent on the hard work and dedication of our people!