Chillin’ Out with TARC: Holiday Eats & Memories

During the holiday months, we all tend to get nostalgic and reminiscent by things that trigger our senses, which then lead us down pleasant paths of joyful times and pleasing moments. With this in mind, we asked around the office and received heart-warming stories from some of our staff.

“I am always excited to start seeing Eggnog in stores again, and can’t wait to have candied yams for Thanksgiving.”

Keith Hansen – Estimator

“As we approach the holidays, I often reflect about my childhood playing in the Nebraska snow while the men played poker in the basement and all the ladies made a new holiday craft.  The smell of Tom & Jerry’s cocktails and freshly made pfeffernüsse cookies lingered in the house. The tradition of the drinks and cookies have continued in my family for over 150 years.”

Angela Valenzuela – Director of Business Administration

“Clam chowder, crab, and sourdough on Christmas Eve, followed by Prime Rib on Christmas day. And it might sound kind of generic, but I’m looking forward to two straight months of homemade cookies and treats around the house every day.”

Christian Ghigliazza – Accounting Clerk

“I am most looking forward to this holiday season’s Noche Buena dinner, a Cuban tradition with a big feast with Lechon Asado (Pig Leg or whole pig cooked Cuban style in the ground) also Yucca, fried plantains (Tostones) with Garlic dipping sauce (Mojo de Ajo) or better know to some as TARCtones LOL! Of course Black Beans and Rice! I have been eating like this since I can remember on Christmas Eve and always with a lot of friends and family over to enjoy the meal.”

Dan Fernandez – Director of Business Development

Bonne Maurer

“A few years ago, my family switched from making large family meals, to large appetizer spreads, so I am very much looking forward to fancy charcuterie boards! The winter holiday season is my favorite, and every year I look forward to the abundance of twinkling lights and the smell of a real tree.”

Bonne Maurer – Accounting Clerk