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Is Your Pavement Protected for Winter?

Prepare for winter with crack sealing—your first line of defense to prevent water infiltration.
While it is too late in the season to sealcoat asphalt, we are still able to apply hot pour crack sealant and regularly perform asphalt repairs at this time of year.

Hot applied rubberized crack sealer performs better than cold crack sealants that are non-elastic in nature. As seasonal temperatures change the asphalt pavement will expand and contract, causing cold applied crack sealants to harden and re-crack, whereas hot-applied crack sealers do not.

Crack sealing has been performed for many years and should be a part of any comprehensive pavement maintenance program. When cracks are neglected, they lead to further deterioration of the pavement. Water infiltration then leads to softening of the subgrade which can lead to more costly asphalt repairs and further reduction of the pavement’s overall health and longevity.

Another important winterizing tip is to have drain inlets cleared of all debris, so drainage systems do not get backed up. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Pavement Protection

Pavement Protection