TARC’s 19th Anniversary

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2022! This year, we celebrate our 19th year in business. While looking forward to this year’s Bronze Anniversary, we pause to reflect on our current strength and durability.

We’ve come a long way since 2003. Like many Silicon Valley start-ups, TARC started out in a garage, where founders Albert and Tamara Cavazos applied their decades of industry experience and formed an asphalt paving company to better serve the Bay Area.  Now with offices in Fremont and Fresno, TARC has expanded from asphalt and concrete maintenance to include steel fabrication and installation. Hard-work, dedication, tenacity, and the sheer will to succeed are the ties that bind this group.

“The last couple of years have been exceptionally challenging but we have endured and expanded,” remarks Dan Fernandez, Director of Business Development.

Despite the challenges, in 2021, TARC completed over 500 projects throughout Northern and Central California. Our steel division continues to connect with clients and is now poised to become one of the top steel service providers in California. The concrete division, meanwhile, made great progress with the addition of Superintendent Bill Ruiz, who managed to increase productivity and efficiency, and completed more projects than ever before. Thank you to our customers, employees, trade association partners and vendors for making 2021 such an exceptional year.

One of TARC’s core values is to operate with consistent integrity. Paying bills on time is no exception.

“Maintaining excellent credit is a key factor to our success,” says TARC CFO, Tamara Valenzuela-Cavazos.

In 2021, TARC paid off some of our large equipment, like a 4-foot grinder and several 10-wheelers. As TARC continues to grow and operate in a financially responsible way, we will acquire the best possible equipment, to ensure we complete projects safely and efficiently.

Regardless of the challenges facing us, we are so excited for 2022 and look forward to making it a bright new year for all our clients!