Tesla Fleet

What Can Fart without Gas?

TARC Construction Inc.’s new fleet of TESLA EVs!

With TARC vehicles averaging 40,000 miles per-car per-year, we’ve been looking for a way to reduce fuel costs, consumption, and our overall carbon footprint. Now, we’ve kick-started the savings by swapping our sales, marketing, and estimating staff vehicles for super cool TESLA EVs. Wrapped in our company logo, our fleet makes a dashing sight as we zip from parking lot to parking lot.

Besides the sleek profile, this car was an easy choice due to the abundance of charging stations across the markets we serve. Previously, our vehicles required up to six fill-ups a month, and had to be serviced 6-8 times per year. Electric vehicles never need an oil change and the cost for a full charge is less than thirty dollars. Additionally, we are taking advantage of the tax benefits and incentives—all while reducing emissions.

Our Fleet:
1 Model X
4 Model Ys
4 Model 3s

In our effort to become a more sustainable organization, TARC Construction Inc. is committed to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. As all-electric Heavy-Duty trucks and construction equipment become available, we will be adding those as well. Stay tuned!

WANNA LAUGH? What can Fart without Gas? TARC Construction, Inc.’s new fleet of Tesla EVs! Thanks to the hilarious fart button. Passing gas without having gas. Its the future!