Meet Michael Valenzuela

TARC Inc. would like to introduce Michael Valenzuela, our Safety Coordinator & Sealcoat Superintendent. Michael was born in Salinas in 1961 and moved to Tucson, AZ, before the end of the decade. For thirty years, he lived in Denver, CO, but for the last dozen years he’s been back in the Bay Area.

As Safety Coordinator/Superintendent with TARC, Michael oversees seal coats, crack fills and striping.

“I got into the asphalt industry back in 1996 when I was working for a commercial property management company which included small asphalt parking lot/street repairs, concrete repairs, and touch ups,” Michael says. “I have been in the business for approximately 26 years.”

Michael believes firmly in safe work habits and creating a safe environment for all TARC employees.

“My main goal when doing a job is to do it 100%. Always 100%. I make sure our team does it right the first time. When driving past a project we have done, I’m proud to say that TARC did that and I was a part of it.”

When not on the job site, Michael enjoys the simple life, spending time with family both near and far. A proud father and grandfather, he enjoys sports, the outdoors, cars and music.

“I’m positive and loving but, most of all, I’m blessed and thankful,” he says.