The Importance of Formwork

When it comes to placing concrete, forming it correctly is of the upmost importance. Shape, size, and alignment of the slabs, columns, beams, and other concrete elements relies heavily on the construction of the formwork. The forms must be rigid enough to maintain their designed form under construction loads. It is also critical that they are built to the exact dimensions. If you get excessive deflection of the forms, it may cause bulges in the concrete surface and could require expensive repairs or even replacement. During a concrete placement project, if the forms move out of place, the misalignment that can occur can compromise and affect the integrity of installation of the concrete’s structural frame. The forms must stay securely in place until the concrete is able to carry its own weight and any external loads.

The forms and form material also affect the quality of the surface finish. A lack of attention to detail and poor workmanship when installing forms will lead to concrete leakage and rough finishes. Poor form setting can lead to considerable corrective work such as patching, grinding, or replacement may be required. When it comes to concrete construction, the details and preparation are key to a successful long-lasting, quality project.