Proper Pavement Prepping

TARC Construction, Inc. prides itself in providing quality long-lasting pavement repairs – something that is harder to maintain as mega deliveries rise!  Remember:  As the trucks rumble, the pavement will crumble!  Get the most out of your investment by ensuring that the existing base and soils are stable – the important first step in any asphalt rehabilitation project.

A pavement surface is only as good as the foundation of base rock and compacted soil on which it is paved. Many parking lots and residential roadways have been compromised by water infiltration – water running under the pavement, the settling and softening of the subgrade, a lack of properly compacted soil, and/or minimal amounts of base installed during the original construction.

Many times, unstable soils are not discovered until an asphalt repair project has already begun, this may cause delays and increase the overall costs of the project. When unsure of the stability of what is underneath your pavement, hire an engineer to test the base to prevent costly surprises.

Your pavement investment deserves the best foundation!  Never pave over soft base material that cannot be compacted. Improper compaction can lead to costly failures down the road.  Common methods for the stabilization of soft soils would include:

– Cement Treatment
– Lime Treatment
– Installation of Geogrid soil stabilizer
– Over excavation and installation of engineered fill

Always be sure that your paving contractor is using proper technique and compaction equipment to install new pavement on a solid foundation of compacted native soil and base.  Prepare now to save later!