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The Early Bird Gets the Worm. Don’t Wait, Plan Your Paving Projects Now!

California is looking like it may escape the severe drought conditions that have plagued the state for several years, but prolonged rainfall has wreaked havoc on the our roadways and parking lots. Raise your hand if you knew what an atmospheric river was before this year! In case you missed it, last year’s Blitz: “Rumble Crumble” covered the impact of the pandemic in tandem with an influx of online shopping and how this has increased the amount/frequency of delivery trucks on the pavement.

When under-maintained asphalt surfaces experience both excess water and weight, failures are quickly accelerated. As the dry season approaches it is imperative to assess damages and prepare for the future! We at TARC Construction went into the year 2023 with a very healthy back log of work that we have not been able to complete due to the weather. Once the rain is gone the work is on, it is critical to start planning for your large projects as soon as possible.  There is no better time to get estimates than now, our sales team is here to help, call today at 888.380.TARC(8272) or email us at info@tarcinc.com to schedule a comprehensive site inspection.