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WHERE IS TARC NOW? VIP SV Family Cuban Cookout

The inaugural VIP Silicon Valley Annual Family Cuban Cookout held at Vasona Park marked a delightful convergence of culture, cuisine, and camaraderie. The event was a resounding success, with attendees relishing the chance to savor the tantalizing flavors of authentic Cuban cuisine meticulously prepared by Dan Fernandez, our seasoned Director of Business Development and his son Daniel. As the aroma of mouthwatering dishes wafted through the air, the park was infused with a festive spirit that brought together colleagues, managers, and their families for a memorable day of togetherness.

Under the warm, sunlit skies and nestled beside the tranquil waters of the lake, the gathering showcased a distinctive blend of flavors, laughter, and connections. Managers reveled in the lively assortment of games and activities thoughtfully curated for the entire family. This event was emblematic of VIP Silicon Valley’s commitment to fostering a sense of community among Commercial Property Managers, going beyond the workplace and extending its reach to the families that support them. The picturesque location, coupled with the delectable cuisine and engaging activities, underscored the success of this year’s cookout, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the prospect of making this an annual tradition. As the day drew to a close, a shared sentiment echoed among the attendees: the first Family Cuban Cookout had woven bonds that would endure well beyond the event itself, setting the stage for an even more cherished gathering in the year to come.

From Left to Right: Isabella Fernandez TARC Construction, Kelly Acevedo Universal Site Services, Diana Le-Bearby Varsity Painting, Betsy Esquivel Restoration Management Company.


CACM Golf Tournament at Moraga Country Club

Join us for a fun day out on the course. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or if you have never swung a golf club before, Swing and Swag is the event to meet with peers and colleagues, network, pick up some swag and enjoy a day in the sun. Practice your putting, improve your range at the driving range station, and take part in this nine-hole golf event focused on fun. Frowns not welcome.

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