Tarc Construction Inc.

Meet our Director of Business Development: Dan Fernandez

My name is Dan Fernandez. I was born in Stockton California and raised in Hayward. I entered into the Construction trade right after I graduated from High School. I learned the value of hard work as a commercial metal stud framer and home builder as a young man, and in the 90’s I entered the Paving business as an estimator.

My team and I work at a high motivational level and we’re dedicated to performing at the highest professional standards for our company and our clients. My main goal is to have delighted customers, and to maintain without deviation, an attitude of sincerity, tolerance, consideration, and assistance towards everyone I work with regardless of position. I feel blessed to be with TARC Construction, Inc!

TARC EDU Presentations

The TARC EDU educational presentation is designed to help businesses help themselves. Dan Fernandez is the head of TARC EDU program and is ready to schedule an in-person or virtual presentation.

Watch Dan Stay Connected

Staying connected with our industry organizations, in April 2020 Dan Fernandez participated in the 2020 CACM 5K Digital Dash. Dan says “Remember to take care of yourself, if your struggling reach out for help, we are all in this together!”

TARCtones & Mojitos Recipes

Enjoy these fun recipes presented to you by our very own Dan Fernandez. Please cook and drink responsibly.