Adriana Valenzuela

Meet Adriana Valenzuela

Adriana is married to ex-FBI Section Chief John Barrios. Together, with their two children, they have lived all over the country, moving from place to place to follow the FBI promotions. We treated every new place as an adventure and the kids have carried that experience with them as they fearlessly embark on their own lives and careers – something of which I am most proud.

I was born in Salinas, CA, raised in Tucson, AZ and have lived in 8 different cities since then. My title at TARC Construction Inc. is executive Assistant to Tamara and Albert which means I do a little bit of everything! I got into the asphalt business because, Tamara Valenzuela-Cavazos is my sister. Albert Cavazos was a fellow high school classmate and now my brother-in-law. Michael Valenzuela is my brother. Francisco Martinez and Dante Cavazos are my nephews. TARC Construction Inc. is a family business in the truest sense of the term. I have been in the asphalt business for less than 3 months, I am learning so much and something new every hour of the day. I take pride in being very organized and love the challenge of organizing everything I see and touch. As I learn a completely new skill set, I am always looking for ways to implement improvements or make tasks and procedures more efficient. Working at TARC has been excitingly frightening! I feel a great sense of accomplishment every day when I close my computer knowing I did my best to make a positive difference. When I am not working, I enjoy music (70s and 80s), reading, watching old movies, and traveling.

No matter what the task is, my main objective is to do the best I can do and to, hopefully, make a positive improvement going forward. I am fair, honest, and a fiercely loyal person.